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Power of friendship

Mike and Senae are probably the most perfect host duo to host a podcast. The effortless flow of the conversation not only showcases their friendship but also makes you feel like you’re their friend too. It feels more like sitting in the living room kicking it with the homies than listening to a sho…

Keep Going

I have to say that this podcast is amazing i been listening since y'all started, and i have to say every week has been a great and even better episode please keep pushing and continue making this great content I'm going to always support

Great podcast

Just ventured into anime podcasts and after listening to about 15 this is the 1st one that resonates with me and I absolutely love it. Love the chemistry and topics must listen for anime fans.


This podcast is amazing very enjoyable to listen too great chemistry all around fun podcast even though y’all love black clover lol just playing love y’all

Love the pod

Love y’all pod man, happy to say I know y’all and have been able to link and hang out with y’all. Very entertaining, great convos, great guests. Keep growing and keep grinding ✊🏾

Big fan!!

Big fan of the podcast!!! Would love to discuss some anime with y’all one day!

No Haters Will Prosper!

One hater doesn’t stop the show, especially when they haven’t listened to an episode ☺️

Whoever that Jerk girl is, I LIKE HER

Y’all keep bringing back this QuirkyJERK girl and her boyfriend Strange-something-or-other, and I LOVE HER WHOLE VIBE. Keep bringing her back, I am a fan.

So fun to listen to 😌

The power that this has, the knowledge that this has, the intelligence that this has, the international implications that this has.

Outstanding Podcast . Non - Stop Nostalgia

Currently I’m binge listening . It really reminded me of my childhood . Great commentary, Funny asf .

Monster Trio

I stumbled upon this podcast because of a tweet I saw from them. Since then I have binged every episode and I am hooked. The energy and personality from each host keeps every episode interesting. They give their honest opinion of many different series, and they do not pull any punches when doing so…

Gift Bags Return

I love the show but if y’all (Mike) continue to slander my adopted son Gohan I’m going to have to show up outside the mansion and steal a Lambo as compensation. Thanks for all the entertainment and I hope that y’all cater Perry’s again when I come back to get my two min on air again. See y’all soon!

Laughs and Great Recommendations

These my people, every episode is great! One of the few podcasts that I have to stay current on, can always depend on them to entertain me especially the playful bickering between Mike and Causha! Always good recommendations and all grear follows on Twitter!

Something for everyone on here

It’s a podcast about anime for the people, down to earth full of laughs, if you new to anime and new a guide on where to start or a vet and looking for mutuals this is the place

It’s dope

I like this podcast so much because it's down to earth. Everyone is funny and it always sounds like they are enjoying doing something that they love. The knowledge that they have is outstanding. I always recommend it to anyone that watches anime. But I think they should do a video blog to go with i…

Best podcast I’ve ever listened too!!

Iisten!! These folks are dope!!! Love to listen to them!! Real dope people!!

Highly Suggest!

I’m not sure how I came across the Blanime Podcast, but I’m happy I did! Mike, Senae and Causa create hilarious dialogue while discussing the anime they’ve watched, plan to watch or are currently watching. I enjoy the podcast so much that after I listened to my first episode (episode 37), I went ba…

1st episode

Loved the introduction episode. Big fan of anime & y’all approach to becoming content creators. Really appreciate y’all knowledge on the content as well as the trip down memory lane lol. Looking forward to more episodes. Also looking to create my own podcast. Hope to converse with y’all about anime…

I’m looking forward

Great first 2nd episode!!! I’m looking forward to seeing more from this podcast! I’ll keep an ear out and subscribe